The Atlantic Future Forum brings together the brightest minds, decision takers and the most forward-thinking organisations from the United Kingdom and the United States of America to advance the special defence, security, trade and technology partnership between our two Nations.


The Forum addressed the challenges and opportunities facing our two Nations in a world wrestling with the disruption of COVID-19, growing geopolitical tensions and increased strategic competition. AFF’20 examined the new security environment as we witness seismic shifts in global power and trade, climate breakdown, mass migration, cyber warfare and the exploitation of space. 


During the Forum hosted on the aircraft carrier HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and via a sophisticated live broadcast and virtual event, AFF’20 addressed the following themes.



  • Global competition in a disrupted world

  • Building resilience against digital threats

  • Value of data to power our economies

  • Globalisation and reshaping the trade agenda

  • The next generation of defence

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Warfare

  • Artificial Intelligence, automation, and the future of work 

  • Defending against pandemics and biological warfare

  • Security and prosperity and the future of Space 

  • Building back better; greener and more resilient economies

  • Future of Energy; a post carbon world  



At this third Atlantic Future Forum, we were joined by political, military and business leaders, tech sector CEOs, think tanks, academia and subject matter experts. Attendance was limited and by invitation only. 


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