The Atlantic Future Forum exists to help strengthen the defence, security, technology and trading relationships between democratic nations. Now in its fifth year, AFF22 will be hosted in the United States on board the Royal Navy aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, on its maiden visit to New York.

The AFF is convened by the UK Government and will be one of the UK’s international leadership events in 2022. The Forum brings together senior politicians, policy makers, military leaders and academia, together with business leaders and entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom and United States. The AFF is chaired by Lord Sedwill, the former UK Cabinet Secretary and National Security Adviser.

The Department for International Trade will lead AFF22, working with the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. The Forum is unique amongst international summits in bringing together the worlds of business, government and the military. Many leading UK and US companies and exporters will be present at the Forum and have helped shape the policy agenda.

AFF22 will take place on September 28 - 29 this year, onboard HMS Prince of Wales, anchored off New York. It will seek to strengthen the historic relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom. The Forum will seek to advance the vital defence, security, trading and economic partnership between the UK and the US and explore how we boost innovation, economic growth and resilience.

For more information on how you can participate in this year’s Forum, please contact Sally Pugmire, Event Director at or +44 0207 395 4460.

If you are interested in speaking at the Forum, please contact Lucy Thompson, Senior Content Coordinator at +44 207 395 4486